Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lincoln Family.

Say hello to Isabelle Lincoln.
I will get another close up later but this is her in front of her first house. I think she had around 3,000 simoleons after she moved in. The house had a small kitchen, a living and dining room and a bedroom.

Her traits are: Bookworm, Handy, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic and Friendly.

Her favourite music is Indie, her favourite food is Tri-tip Steak and her favourite colour is Orange (same as mine).

Ok. So, because I had a few simoleons left over I bought a few new things.
Here was the house before:

I bought a new shower and a new table. Later on, I bought a new tv and a new bed.

Shortly after I arrived, visitors came. (I didn't realize this happened... it didn't with any of my other families).

In the first pic, we have Beau Andrews (the one with the fat stomach). Then we have Jack Bunch (the one in the military suit) and then we have Simis Bachelor.
P.S. The car isn't mine. It was Jack Bunch's.

I soon left them (and they felt they had to leave) for the hospital as I was planning on getting a job there.

Ok. So here she is coming out of the hospital after being given her job. I didn't really know what to do with that so I went to the gym to WORK OUT. :D (P.S. I have an obsession with my sims going to the gym)
I actually kept trying to take a photo of her but she kept falling down (god, not even I am that bad)
This is the new table that I was talking about earlier. I know, I know. The tables SO don't go with the chairs but whatevs right? Haha.
I bought this when she got home.

She managed to cook something without burning the house down, you can actually see it on the counter in the photo at the top but I will provide another photo.

More tomorrow. Or later.
But tomorrow for the Sim.
Oh, and here are a few CAS photos that I found funny.

Hair gone wrong. But this is basically what her face is. I actually have another close up coming up.

What is with the bathing suit 'down there'. It is like... square..
And glasses? Why is it that whenever I click bathing suit, it comes up with a weird bathing suit and glasses. These glasses are socially unacceptable.

Another close up. :)

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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