Thursday, March 11, 2010

Her love. :)

Hello there,
This next chapter goes a little quickly but I am sure you can keep up.

Ok, so when we left, Issy had adopted a child and moved to a two bedroom house.
Now, a new guy comes into her life.

So this is Jared Leto... ? I think. I know his first name is Jared. Ok. So his sideburns are a bit naff but otherwise... not bad. His traits are something like Natural Cook, Mean-Spirited, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal and I think Slob.
So yeah. :)
I eventually got them to kiss and become boyfriend/girlfriend... this actually took me 3 days to do but I took the photos of them talking and then kissing to make it seem like I documented them at the time. :) I actually made them marry [private ceremony]

Ok. So later on that night Issy went to Vita Alto's house because she needed to complete an opportunity. On the steps however, she grew up into an adult.

You can't see that well. Sorry. I thought I was taking more photos but it turned out I was just pausing and playing it... So this was the only photo I got. Awkward.

Literally, right after that, Buster grew up.
He sparkles.
Sparkles some more. Oh and the guy in the beanie and apron is Jared.
And now he is a teenager. I swear, three of his friends all grew up and they ALL have freaking mohawks. WHAT IS OUR YOUTH TURNING INTO TO?

Ok, so this is Vita Alto sleeping [creep].
To complete the opportunity I actually had to wake her up and that was a bit awkward.
You can see here, she now has long hair because my other hair was custom content.
Although you caAdd Imagen't really see, this is where my camera goes every night so that the time will go quicker because otherwise my computer has to load all the ZZZZ's coming out of their closed mouth and has to load them moving so it takes to long.

I swear, her eyes open like all the time. FREAKKKAAAYYYY.

Strike a pose.

I made Jared go to the bookstore earlier this day and because the free will was on, he started talking to a 'love interest'. I stopped it and then realized I could have some fun with it.

So he went over to her house later that night and relaxed on her bed [or someone's bed]. I think you can guess what happened.
They cuddled.
And woo-hooed.

But THEN, later than night he went home and did the same thing with Issy.
I love the hearts that come down...

I will conclude my story later. :) Byee.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Bed.

I had written this really long post about something that happened after everything else happened.

Ok. So I told you in my last post that I am obsessed with my sims going to the gym. So, I made her go to the gym again and again.

Obviously she doesn't need to but I made her.
I was on my way to Hogan's Deep Fried Diner (or something) to do the Gastronomy Club eating contest [which i lost, by the way] and I saw this girl.... Issy actually stopped and watched the girl. I didn't make her but still.... [well this is awkward].

Ok. So, later than night, I was trying to find a boyfriend [or future husband] and I found THIS GUY. Hank Goddard. He was in a relationship with Pauline Wan [even though they both want 10 boyfriends/girlfriends] but he rejected me so I started to fight and stuff with him. [=)]

The next day, she went to work and was PROMOTED. To Bedpan Cleaner. Fun. Pink Scrubs. Gorgeous.

Clearly she is the one in pink.

So, by this time, she had nearly grown into an adult [oldie] so I...

ADOPTED A CHILD. I had read in the newspaper earlier that a guy called Buster Clavell had died earlier [whoever that was] so I named him Buster. :) Yeah. As you can see he is a boy and he is a child.

Ok. So by this time it was sort of {AwKwArD} sleeping in the same room. So I moved up the road [or somewhere] for two bedrooms.

That's them out in front of their house.

Coming next... not telling. XD.
Am actually going to go play some more so I should have some more material to work with.
I just wanted to sound smart by saying material. :)
Hope you guys enjoyed.

The Lincoln Family.

Say hello to Isabelle Lincoln.
I will get another close up later but this is her in front of her first house. I think she had around 3,000 simoleons after she moved in. The house had a small kitchen, a living and dining room and a bedroom.

Her traits are: Bookworm, Handy, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic and Friendly.

Her favourite music is Indie, her favourite food is Tri-tip Steak and her favourite colour is Orange (same as mine).

Ok. So, because I had a few simoleons left over I bought a few new things.
Here was the house before:

I bought a new shower and a new table. Later on, I bought a new tv and a new bed.

Shortly after I arrived, visitors came. (I didn't realize this happened... it didn't with any of my other families).

In the first pic, we have Beau Andrews (the one with the fat stomach). Then we have Jack Bunch (the one in the military suit) and then we have Simis Bachelor.
P.S. The car isn't mine. It was Jack Bunch's.

I soon left them (and they felt they had to leave) for the hospital as I was planning on getting a job there.

Ok. So here she is coming out of the hospital after being given her job. I didn't really know what to do with that so I went to the gym to WORK OUT. :D (P.S. I have an obsession with my sims going to the gym)
I actually kept trying to take a photo of her but she kept falling down (god, not even I am that bad)
This is the new table that I was talking about earlier. I know, I know. The tables SO don't go with the chairs but whatevs right? Haha.
I bought this when she got home.

She managed to cook something without burning the house down, you can actually see it on the counter in the photo at the top but I will provide another photo.

More tomorrow. Or later.
But tomorrow for the Sim.
Oh, and here are a few CAS photos that I found funny.

Hair gone wrong. But this is basically what her face is. I actually have another close up coming up.

What is with the bathing suit 'down there'. It is like... square..
And glasses? Why is it that whenever I click bathing suit, it comes up with a weird bathing suit and glasses. These glasses are socially unacceptable.

Another close up. :)

Hope you enjoyed. :)

Welcome to my Sims 3 stories.

Ok, so just so you know, my sims are all over the place.
I have around 6 stories. One of them I started out with one person and ended up with 7. It is kind of hard. XD.
Two of them are twins and are young adults. 1 of them is the only boy and he is not a twin or anything. He is a teenager. And then the other three are triplets and are also teenagers.
I actually started a family JUST for the story thing but for some reason, it wouldn't let me drag my photos on to my story so I gave up and then thought to myself that I should post them up on a blog so here I am. :)

Enjoy. :)

OH. P.S. I think I am going to post the pics of all families I have so far. :)

Welcome to my Sims 3 stories.