Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Bed.

I had written this really long post about something that happened after everything else happened.

Ok. So I told you in my last post that I am obsessed with my sims going to the gym. So, I made her go to the gym again and again.

Obviously she doesn't need to but I made her.
I was on my way to Hogan's Deep Fried Diner (or something) to do the Gastronomy Club eating contest [which i lost, by the way] and I saw this girl.... Issy actually stopped and watched the girl. I didn't make her but still.... [well this is awkward].

Ok. So, later than night, I was trying to find a boyfriend [or future husband] and I found THIS GUY. Hank Goddard. He was in a relationship with Pauline Wan [even though they both want 10 boyfriends/girlfriends] but he rejected me so I started to fight and stuff with him. [=)]

The next day, she went to work and was PROMOTED. To Bedpan Cleaner. Fun. Pink Scrubs. Gorgeous.

Clearly she is the one in pink.

So, by this time, she had nearly grown into an adult [oldie] so I...

ADOPTED A CHILD. I had read in the newspaper earlier that a guy called Buster Clavell had died earlier [whoever that was] so I named him Buster. :) Yeah. As you can see he is a boy and he is a child.

Ok. So by this time it was sort of {AwKwArD} sleeping in the same room. So I moved up the road [or somewhere] for two bedrooms.

That's them out in front of their house.

Coming next... not telling. XD.
Am actually going to go play some more so I should have some more material to work with.
I just wanted to sound smart by saying material. :)
Hope you guys enjoyed.

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