Thursday, March 11, 2010

Her love. :)

Hello there,
This next chapter goes a little quickly but I am sure you can keep up.

Ok, so when we left, Issy had adopted a child and moved to a two bedroom house.
Now, a new guy comes into her life.

So this is Jared Leto... ? I think. I know his first name is Jared. Ok. So his sideburns are a bit naff but otherwise... not bad. His traits are something like Natural Cook, Mean-Spirited, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal and I think Slob.
So yeah. :)
I eventually got them to kiss and become boyfriend/girlfriend... this actually took me 3 days to do but I took the photos of them talking and then kissing to make it seem like I documented them at the time. :) I actually made them marry [private ceremony]

Ok. So later on that night Issy went to Vita Alto's house because she needed to complete an opportunity. On the steps however, she grew up into an adult.

You can't see that well. Sorry. I thought I was taking more photos but it turned out I was just pausing and playing it... So this was the only photo I got. Awkward.

Literally, right after that, Buster grew up.
He sparkles.
Sparkles some more. Oh and the guy in the beanie and apron is Jared.
And now he is a teenager. I swear, three of his friends all grew up and they ALL have freaking mohawks. WHAT IS OUR YOUTH TURNING INTO TO?

Ok, so this is Vita Alto sleeping [creep].
To complete the opportunity I actually had to wake her up and that was a bit awkward.
You can see here, she now has long hair because my other hair was custom content.
Although you caAdd Imagen't really see, this is where my camera goes every night so that the time will go quicker because otherwise my computer has to load all the ZZZZ's coming out of their closed mouth and has to load them moving so it takes to long.

I swear, her eyes open like all the time. FREAKKKAAAYYYY.

Strike a pose.

I made Jared go to the bookstore earlier this day and because the free will was on, he started talking to a 'love interest'. I stopped it and then realized I could have some fun with it.

So he went over to her house later that night and relaxed on her bed [or someone's bed]. I think you can guess what happened.
They cuddled.
And woo-hooed.

But THEN, later than night he went home and did the same thing with Issy.
I love the hearts that come down...

I will conclude my story later. :) Byee.


  1. Um... His name is Jared Frio and Jared Leto is a singer. 30 Seconds To Mars to be specific. I like the story though keep it up!

  2. Hey! Good job! I like it so far. Check out my blog i'm doing the sims 3 legacy challenge! I don't really have anything yet.